This project of mine, the recording of Ireland’s Wildlife & Biodiversity through photography has grown out of a lifelong love of animals and the natural world in general.

Although I use the internet as much as anyone, my work is really about the anti-internet. It represents the polar opposite. It’s about logging off, putting on a pair of boots and leaving the house, leaving the office, leaving the car. It’s about opening your eyes and reconnecting with the real world. It’s about throwing a camera or binoculars into your bag and heading out into the wilds. It’s about reconnecting with the seasons, it’s about getting wet & cold.

I was shocked to learn how little my children’s generation know about the wildlife of Ireland. We grew up playing in the fields, damming streams and feckin’ apples. We grew up in nature, with nature.

If someone doesn’t know the name of a particular bird, greenfinch for example; it’s very hard for them to care less when they hear greenfinch numbers are diminishing. If you don’t know there are lizards in Ireland, their loss will mean nothing to you.

So my mission is to raise people’s awareness of the wonderful diversity that we have in Ireland, before we lose it. I have nothing against pandas or elephants or gorillas, but to my mind the animals that we share our little corner of the planet with are far more fascinating and important.

John Holden